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James Cameron has shared a glimpse into the world of Avatar 2, 11 years after the premiere of global success Avatar. Newly released concept art teases unexplored landscapes from the film’s mystical setting of Pandora.

The director revealed the film’s official concept art on January 6 during the CES conference in Las Vegas. The official Avatar Twitter account later tweeted four of the pieces, which showcase characters surrounded by vibrant bodies of water.

As it stands, Avatar 2 is due to hit cinemas on December 17, 2021. It will be followed by Avatar 3 in 2023, Avatar 4 in 2025, and Avatar 5 in 2027.

In a new interview with CNET, James Cameron explained that the first sequel will contain more vehicles and machinery compared to the original movie.

“I also love the hard stuff. The vehicles, spacecraft, aircraft, ground vehicles, weapons, the hardware,” he said. “I’m a total geek when it comes to that stuff. We have a lot of cool vehicles for you.”Advertisement

Back in October, Matt Damon revealed how he lost out on a huge payday after turning down the lead role in the first Avatar.

Cameron ended up hiring the relatively unknown actor, Sam Worthington – who is set to reprise the role of Sully for Avatar’s forthcoming installments

Cameron hinted at a strong aquatic influence in a recent interview with CNET, explaining that we’ll see more of what goes on above and below the sea. He also expressed excitement for Avatar 2’s new machinery and said, “The vehicles, spacecraft, aircraft, ground vehicles, weapons, the hardware. I’m a total geek when it comes to that stuff.”

The long-awaited sequel to 2009’s smash hit is due in December 2021. Cameron had originally aimed to release Avatar 2 in 2014, but the date was continually pushed back, ending with Disney’s most recent push from December 2020 to 2021. But no worries — excited fans will not have to endure another 11-year hiatus. The next three installments in the Avatar series are currently expected to be released in 2023, 2025 and 2027.

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