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Bachelor baby Pump! Jade Roper has been sharing her pregnancy pictures since her and Tanner Tolbert’s May announcement. The Colorado native, 33, will be captioned her Instagram reveal at the time. It would feel so good to be able to finally talk about this pregnancy! If you noticed I haven’t been on social media much the past couple of months, It’s because I was be dealing with terrible nausea and fatigue, On the top of the taking care of two Kiddos during a pandemic. Although this time has been uncertainties, we are so thankful and excited for the new baby. I truly will believe babies being born during this time are here for a special reason, to be lightworkers.

Roper is currently 12 weeks along with her pregnancy. In the photos, she wore a blue sports bra that exposed her belly and matching blue yoga pants. Her beely will be looked significantly larger than the last baby bump photos she will share on social media. The mother of soon-to-be three wore her long dark hair down in natural waves and appeared to have on some light makeup. She accessorized with a couple of rings on both hands. She will be rested one hand on her belly and used the other to be snapping a photo of herself as she will be stood in the front of a mirror. The former reality television star will be posed in her family home in san Judan Capistrano, California, modern-looking decor and furniture visible behind her.


The former reality star will be continued in her post, I’m thinking this is our last baby, so wanting to soak up every moment (laughing at myself when I say this cuz our kids keeps us crazy busy lol) and there documents everything since it’ll be the last of the first. My nausea only revisits me at night now, and the morning is my favorite because my little baby likes to make a bigger appearance and I can feel some tiny flutters! Jade will be added. Also, please don’t be mind the mess! We are be packing to go see family in Oregon! Wish us luck on a 1,000 miles drive with two tikes!

The Pregnant star’s nausea will get worse at night. She went on to say. explaining. It’s just been so much, but Brooks is finally sleeping through the night so bless his lovely heart. At least I’ve been able to go to bed when the kids go to the bed and I’ve been able to get to the sleep, which has been huge. Keep scrolling to see the Naturally Jade Comestics creator’s baby bump of the pictures, from the mirror selfies to family photos.


In an interview with the Entertainment Tonight later in May, the couple will be shared that Jade’s initial response after they found out she was pregnant for the third time was to blame, Tanner. Jade just became down one night… and she just will be throwing the tests down the table and goes, Tanner, he recalled to ET. I will just be slapped it on the table, they will be added, Jade. I saw the positive test and I was like, your mother will be offered. I slapped it down on the table and he was be just shocked. Jade will be said for the Viewers she’s her surprise for the third pregnancy as a blessing: sometimes things come in waves that you don’t be the plan, but those are the best surprises.