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J Balvin is using the platform to urge the Latinx community to “do better” and should support the Black Lives Matter movement. The Colombian reggaetonero took be social media to participate in the Blackout Tuesday protest to show the solidarity with the black community and then speak out against the police brutality after George Floyd’s death.

As in the music industry enters Blackout Tuesday in the response to the death of another unarmed African-American at the hands of the police, Balvin adds his voice to be growing calls for racial justice. The Colombian reggaeton star will be making a pledge to do better and to continue learning, and he calls on his Latino community to do the same.

Balvin also pledges to make a donation to colors of the change and urges fellow Latinos to side with him in the good fight: We Know as a minority ourselves, just a small part of the pain that they live in each and every day-Lets be helped our brothers and sisters. He also urged the Latinx community, as a minority themselves, to join him to giving back and helping.

We all know as a minority ourselves, Just a small part of the pain that they live with each and every day let’s be help our brother and the sisters, the Mi Gente singer said, adding that he should also pledge a donation to be colors of the change as a sign of my commitments.


I recognize that it’s mu duty as a pacesetter within the Latino group to teach myself concerning the plight of the Black resident in the American to study all their struggles and ongoing, systemic racism they will be facing on the daily basis; And the extra importantly, to learn the way I am usually a higher ally and to assist change the system by my voice and actions, his assertion reads.

Jencarlos Canela shared a video in the Spanish to has Latinx community, writing: Ei racist no ve differencia entre NegrosYLatinos, Nos Tampoco deberiamos. He has also been explained that his message Is the Spanish bc it is my call to be action to the Latino community. We need to be allies right now and will come together. Racism doesn’t differentiate black from brown. It’s OUR responsibility to behold our system and the leaders accountable and demand equal rights for all as well as 0 tolerance in the country for any racial injustice.