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The British drama series The Widow had it’s the first season last year. The series came out on 1 March 2019. British channel ITV and American digital web streaming service Amazon Prime Video aired the series. Usually, the series gets broadcasted first on the television and later on a streaming service. But surprisingly, it happened in an exactly opposite manner for The Widow.

It came out through Amazon Prime Video on 1 March 2019, and this was followed by the television broadcast a week later. ITV aired the series on 9 March 2019. The Widow is set in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The story revolves around the protagonist Georgia Wells who is portrayed by Kate Beckinsale.

Her husband reportedly passed away in a plane crash while he was making his way to Congo. Later after a gap of 3 years, she finds proof that her husband is alive and well in Congo. The rest of the plot is on her trip to Congo to unravel the reasons for his actions. The series has a significant portion of its story based on the corrupt system and also on the violence happening in the country.

The series opened up to average reviews. It was not so well received by fans and Critics. Rotten Tomatoes gave it a rating of 59% But, the fans went a bit more lenient on them and gave a score of rating through IMDB.


Season 2: Due to this reception, the series got put out any chances of renewal. But, the writers of the series Harry and Jack Williams had already confirmed it to be a one-off series. They also had explained that the character and the story would get the perfect ending in the first season. And, that seemed to be true.

The plot was given an ending leaving no cliffhanger and nothing to wait for. Moreover, they were working on the series The Liar after it’s release. So, there is nothing much of a chance for a second season. But, there have been instances when such series later come up with more. And, the average reception of The Liar too may push them to bring back the series. But, still, this is a one in a million chance. So, I guess it’s time we finally got to move on and get over the series.

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