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Castlevania is an American Adult Dark fantasy, and Horror Animated web television show And is fully based on the Videos Game series of the same name by Konami and the first 2 seasons adapt the 1989 entry Castlevania 3. And this web show is written and directed by Warren Ellis and Sam Deats.

The streaming service did not waste any time renewing the web show for a second and consist 8 episodes season, which dropped in October 2018 and While it had not been officially confirmed by Netflix and News that there would be a Castlevania season 3 was first revealed that June by Richard Armitage and the actor who voices the main protagonist, Trevor Belmont.



Castlevania Season 2 on Netflix screencast included are Richard Armitage as Trevor Belmont, Alejandra Reynoso as Sypha Belnades, James Callis as Alucard and Graham McTavish as Dracula season 3 has yet to receive a release date.


The first 2 seasons were well received by fans, audience and critics alike, and there has been little news regarding the Animeinfluenced web sow and future since Season 3 was officially confirmed on Halloween in 2018 and fortunately, the Powerhouse Animation has provided 2 Teasers and hinting the web show will return to Netflix for a New-season sometime this year and we are about to record a 3 Armitage told Digital Spy in an Interview.


So, Now the first 2 seasons of the Hit animated series loosely adapt the events of 1989’s Castlevania 3 and with Trevor Belmont venturing into Dracula’s Curse, with Trevor Belmont venturing into Dracula’s castle to destroy the vampire and save Transylvania from the armies of Monsters and Demons and The Trevor is joined by the sorceress Sypha Belnades and Dracula’s ha;f vampire son Alucard to stop the Evil spreading across the medieval kingdom.

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