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Iron fist is an American web television series developed by Scott buck that airs on Netflix. It is adapted by the Marvel Comics character of the same name. The series is produced jointly by Marvel Television and ABC Studios. It is set up in the marvel cinematic universe.

The series has successfully aired two seasons so far, and fans anticipated the next season eagerly. But owing to the brewing bitterness between Netflix and Marvel, their partnership came to an end it seems there is no more a chance of iron fist season 3. Season 1 was not appreciated much, season 2 made an improvement and was quite good to watch and gained much popularity. Both the previous season still steam on Netflix.

Season 2 ended abruptly, leaving the viewers with cliffhangers and many loose ends to be tied together in the upcoming installment. With Collen being a new iron fist and Danny upgrading the powers to shoot golden guns, a satisfying conclusion to all of them was highly awaited, but it doesn’t seem now that there going to be any (season 3).

If all the things had gone well and relations between Netflix and marvel had not been deteriorated than he would have already gotten the third season by March 2020. But as they say ” never say never” we could not be sure of season 3 being canceled permanently.

AS for now, it can be said that the partnership has been put on hold, but iron fist can still be expected to hit the screens sometimes with a season 3. There could be a chance that marvel may team up with another streaming service to air the third – installment. Nothing has been officially declared, but we open to all possibilities.

So far the story of the show revolves around a billionaire Danny rand who is assumed to be dead in a plane crash but is discovered to be alive. The person is considered to be dead for almost 15 years until the powers of IRON FIST came into appearance.

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