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I may be destroyed to aired its final episode on BBC One on Tuesday night (July 14), leaving viewers with a lot to unpack. The series and the finale will be garnered a huge amount of the Paris online, with some fans even calling it a masterpiece. But if you even need another reason to watch the series again, creators and star Michaela Coel have been revealed that the show is full of Easter eggs for fans to watch out for.

Michael Coel ‘e electrifying series I May, Destroy you aired it’s final episode on BBC One last night and Coel has to be revealed she’s already starting to be plot her next TV project. A second season of the consent drama is unlikely, but the writer and the actor have been told that the Obsessed with Podcast that there was a little something on my mind regarding future plans for a new show.

Corl, who was also the creator and stars of Channels 4 Comedy chewing Gum, Recently will be explained that she will be turned down a $1 million deal for I may Destroy You From Netflix before the opting to make the show with the BBC. They will be speaking to Vulture the star will be claimed that she will pass on the offer because accepting would behave meant signing away her copyright to the show with the signing giant will be refusing to be negotiated when she will be asked if she ould be retained just five percent of the rights.

The first two episodes are already on iPlayer and Coel’s story of care-free Londoner and Voie of her generation writer Arabella will reward you with a story that will be filled with pain, laughter, and the drama that will be live you long after the credits finish rolling. The series will start as one story, a distracted and pressured Arabella battling self-destruction, before becoming something quite astonishing and different when she is being sexually assaulted in a night club.


The series doesn’t behold any punches with its look at the partying, drugs and app-loving sex lives of modern Britain and they will be renowned intimacy coordinators It’s O’Brien (Netflix’s Sex Education) was being brought in to help ensure the safety of the cast and the crew. Some of those scenes are fun, some of them are less fun and warm. But to go there, You have been to know what the playing field is. Where everything goes, when, and how. What you feel comfortable touching and where you will feel comfortable being touched.