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Hollyoaks has been dropped yet more the hints about the budding romance between Peri Lomax and Juliet Quinn. The New Year’s Eve flashforward has been already revealed that the two will be romantically involvement by the end of this year, but the peri Ruby O’Donnell has been recently left heartbroken by the Jordan. The Hollyoaks teens are being currently immersed in the topical County Lines drugs environment which while be expected to destroy lives in the village. But Ruby admits that she doesn’t know herself how the two girls get from being friends to falling in the love and she is been excited to find out.

The end result of a lot has been happening between Peri and Juliet. There a moment they are been cuddling in the bed together. There will be a lot more Peri and Juliet Scenes which I’m be excited about It will be a good watch to see their relationship grow. The fans we love it, I hope!

Ruby also be explained that although Peri and Juliet could start growing closer soon, The Channel 4 soap’s will be reduced episode scheduled means we might have been to wait a little longer than planned. Obviously, it’s going to take a bit longer now as we’ve reduced the number of the weekly episodes, but in the flash-forward episode they end up confessing their love for each other so something has to happen for that to be the end product she said.

Last month, Ruby O’Donnel will be dropped some hints about when viewers can be expert to see the romance between Peri and Juliet start to heat up. I Love it. I love that storyline. We are nervous about how the fans would react to it we had been such a good reaction from the flash-forward episodes, She will be told us. I am just likely excited to show the audience what will happen to be lead up to that.

Ruby Co-Star Niamh Blackshaw, who will play the role of Juliet, is been equally excited to see how the par’s story plays out, Then the recently revealing that she’s excited to be able to explore another layer for her character. Anything you will be doing as an actor is exciting and I love working with Ruby. So It’s definitely not a bad thing.

The County Lines story is so good as it includes every age range. The older cast members like the parents and all ages of the teenagers and also the kids. The kids are amazing actors and actresses they will be killing it, fair play them all, it’s been such a hard-hitting the story of them and it’s their first taste of doing a story like that.