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Shazam wasn’t a huge hit for Warner Bros, only grossing $346.5 million worldwide to rank as the lowest-grossing Worlds of DC offering to date. However, that hasn’t stopped the development of a sequel with the core creative team of screenwriter Henry Gayden, director David F Sandberg and Producer Peter Safran all set to return. In June 2019, Levi revealed that he expects the sequel to start shooting in either late spring or early summer 2020. The first movie shot from January- May 2018, with some additional filming from November- December 2018, and was released in cinema on April 5, 2019.

A similar timeline for the sequel suggests that we could see it in late 2021. Warner Bros already has a pretty packed DC slate though and the only” Untitled WB Event film” for 2021 is scheduled for February 12, which seems too soon for the sequel. So we are probably looking at 2022. There are several releases slots for Event film offering in 2022, including April 15 which could well fit for Shazam 2.

Plot for Shazam 2, After Shazam and his newly superpowered family defeat Dr. Thaddeus Sivana and the Seven Deadly Sins, we catch up with the villain in his cell in the mid-credit scene. Here, Sivana meets Mister Mind, a highly intelligent caterpillar-like creature who is a major supervillain in the comics.

Mister Mind is such a menace that he even has his own Monster Society of Evil with Sivana a frequent member. Oh, what fun we are going to have together.

The seven realms are about to be ours, he tells Sivana, potentially setting up the plot of the sequel. The seven realms are a reference to The Seven Magicalands which are connected to the Rock of Eternity in the comics.

With the Shazam family now established in the Worlds of DC, could the sequel see them explore these realms? That doesn’t rule out the return of the Seven Deadly Sins, as even though they are safely tucked away in the Rock of Eternity again, Sivana still seemed pretty determined to get his hands on them.

It will, of course, be a while yet as the movie has to be confirmed to even start filming, but if we are looking at a 2022 released, then comic- con 2021is best guess as to when we all see new footage.

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