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Nowadays you can’t find a person who doesn’t tend to get a high-quality education. It’s a must if you want to build a successful career or start your own business. It helps to build confidence in yourself and build strong character. 

However, many people think that getting an education is a troublesome and complicated process. College or university studying takes a lot of time and effort. Yet, even after several years of intensive study, people realize that they still lack some skills or knowledge. They have to work, so they do not have enough time to visit extra courses to get one more education.

It doesn’t mean that they need to suffer from the lack of necessary proficiency. The modern world offers a perfect way out. With the help of various educational TV shows, online platforms, and digital courses, you can improve your skills and get new knowledge even without leaving your house.

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The next effective way to get new knowledge fast and easy is to watch versatile educational TV shows. It’s a big mistake to think that such shows are proper only for kids. The following examples are great examples of educational TV shows for adults.

TED Talks 

ted talks

It’s a perfect variant for people who want to broaden their horizons. You are to watch various videos. They cover a wide range of themes and topics. Different speakers take part in the show. They have to provide the audience with interesting and new facts. Every speaker has to talk for up to 18 minutes. During this time, he or she should present the topic and surprise the viewers. It should be highlighted that this program is available in more than 100 languages.

If you download the TED Talks app on your device, you get about 3,000 videos you can watch for free.

Everyday Miracles: The Genius of Sofas, Stockings, and Scanners

This show is an amazing variant for people who want to understand and theorize about the way the natural world is structured. This show allows you to get to know how your household objects work. All the explanations are clear and easy. 

There are two main parts of the show – “Home” and “Away”. You can find videos on the Internet. They are available for everyone. Moreover, they are free to watch.  

Abstract: The Art of Design

Do you want to become a designer, photographer, or illustrator? Or are you going to change the design of your dwelling? Or do you just want to get to know who to combine various textures and colors? Then, you can’t but appreciate Abstract: The Art of Design.

The show allows you to get acquainted with the most outstanding representatives of the world of design, as well as with their works. The series is easy and enchanting.


It’s a bloody captivating documentary series that looks to explore and explain the biggest and most challenging questions of modern society. The theme includes such topics as eSports, cryptocurrency, cloning, the racial wealth gap, and others.  

Ask the Doctor  

Everyone wants to feel good. This show answers the most common questions about health issues. You are to get qualified recommendations from professional doctors. Moreover, the experts dispel the most common medical myths.

Significant Benefits You Get when Watching TV Shows

There are several advantages of educational TV shows that can’t but should be noticed:

  • They are available and affordable for everyone

The greater part of educational TV shows is free. Yet, even if you find paid variants, the prices are quite reasonable and everyone can afford to buy a subscription. People from all over the globe can watch shows when they want;

  • They are effective

Before this or that show appears on the screens, it’s carefully checked and edited. Moreover, all the scripts are written by competent experts. That’s why you can always count on reliable information; 

  • It’s easy to learn by watching TV shows

You can watch videos while cooking, clearing your house, playing with kids, so whenever you want. Moreover, you can watch them on any device you have – TV set, computer, laptop, tablet, and smartphone;

  • It’s interesting

Thanks to educational TV shows, you can forget about boring and exhausting studying. You can find shows on any topic. They are funny and captivating.

So, these days the modern technologies provide us with copious effective tools and methods to get educated. The only thing you should do is to pick up the most appropriate variant to meet your needs and desires.