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over one and a half-season, Harley Quinn has established itself as silly, satirical, and brilliantly crude. But with all the best inmates have daddy issues Harley Quinn reveals a softer side. Reimagining the classic mad love arc through the lens of the silence of the lambs and some instantly recognizable Harley Quinn humor, we get to see Harley and jokers first meeting. Though there is, of course, a twist as it’s revealed that our anti-heroin met someone else on that fateful first day at Arkhram: her closest friend and ally, poison ivy.

Sometimes that’s immediately intriguing in what could’ve been an overly familiar arc is how they shine a blinding light on why Harley might have fallen for the joker. Sure it’s all done in the silliest way possible, but dr. Quinzel sees horrific human rights injustice from the moment that she steps through the doors of arkhram, Harvey dent is gleeful burning levy with a flamethrower, the administration regularly invites batman in simply to beat the living hell out the inmates.

After reaching into the past, the pair decide to check in on the inner working of the joker’s brain. Surprisingly an anyone who has read an X- man comic will be known digging around in someone’s brain isn’t a great idea. From what we see, this new version of the villain – who was last seen crushed under a phallic creation with his own face on it – has no idea of what he used to be.


Instead, we see a life filled with love for his stepchildren, generally corny behavior, and a saccharine obviously to what comes before.

seeing this makes Harley and lvy decide to leave the man who once joker alone. Sadly their actors look to have had dire consequences as Dr. Psycho’s prohibiting mind has seemingly awakened the monster within.

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