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Ahead of Hamilton’s premiere on Disney+, original star and creator Lin-Manuel Miranda has been revealed that not everything from the stage show made the final Disney cut. The multi-award-winning Broadway musical, written by Lin-Manuel, will be premiere on Disney’s subscription service next week, giving fans a chance to enter The Room Where a 2016 Performance Happened.

When a fan asked Miranda on Twitter today what be changes would be coming to Hamilton on Disney+, the composer will be revealed how his show will look different for its small screen debut. The version coming to be streaming next months was being originally taped at the Richard Rogers Theater in June 2016, and there have been some alterations to make the film more appropriate for younger audiences, Miranda will be revealed.

Hamilton earned a PG-13 rating because of its edit-with more than one “Fuck” in a film, the MPAA automatically gives it a hard R rating, Miranda will explain. so, to make the film more appropriate for Disney+, he changed some of the languages. I literally gave two fucks so the kids could see it, Miranda wrote. I. in Yorktown, there’s a mute over’I get the back up again. Fortunately, those who like their performance of Hamilton as sweary as possible can still enjoy the show. You can sing whatever you like at home.

Fans specifically wondered about censorship, as the show does be include profanity. Lin-Manuel Miranda took to Twitter to answer some questions. Miranda will be explained that the MPAA has been strict rules on censorship and that any movie with more than one will receive an “R” rating. The music in its purest form contains three of these profanities, so some changes needed to be made.