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As we all know earlier this year, Musk said that Tesla will have all Full self-driving features in the mid-end 2019 or 2020. Tesla autopilot is totally advanced ” driver assistant system ” feature offered by the tesla.

The auto driver assistant can easily park your car to your garage and can automatically change lane on the highways or you can do a lot of things with just your voice.

In 2017 Elon Reeve Musk the founder of SpaceX and tesla promised that the tesla will introduce an FSD ( Full self-Driving ) car in the last of 2017 and he also tweets about their promise but they do not stand on their promise. So let’s see that tesla will introduce their FSD ( Full Self-driving ) car this 2020 or Not.

FSD Features

FSD ( Full Self-Driving ) is the future of cars. Every car company is focusing to introduce the self-driving features in their car. Your car can park to your garage automatically and can change lanes on the highways and also have adaptive cruise control and many more features.

Full Self-driving " Features is coming this 2020. Tesla Autopilot car

Adaptive Cruise Control

Autopilot cars have this feature that they have the ability to follow some cars on the highways. This feature also offers to set a speed limit to the user. The car can follow any vehicles like trucks, SUVs, small cars, etc.

When the car is running on autopilot mode they follow a car with a proper safe distance and as the speed of the car changes the car automatically detects the speed and slows down their speed also. It also slows down their speed at the breakers or some potholes on the roads.

Speed Assist

The speed assist features offer to adjust car speed automatically. The FSD (Full Self-Driving ) will detect the speed limit automatically and adjust the car speed according to speed limit mention on the highways. FSD features works with the help of GPS to know the Speed limit.


Autosteer feature remains the car in the same lane on the highways at a proper speed limit given by the GPS. If no speed detected the car speed sets to 74km/h.


The autopilot can easily detect potential front and side collisions with some other vehicles or some objects. The wide Range front camera automatically detect threats within 160m. The autopilot features are also adjusted their speeds on breakers or on off roads.

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