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Here are the 5 Parental Apps for Child’s Security and Limiting Screen Time !!

EntertainmentHere are the 5 Parental Apps for Child’s Security and Limiting Screen...

With the evolution of the internet, access to content is only a tap away. Whether you want to do your class assignment, watch a movie, or socialize on the social media platform, everything is just a click away. 

When it comes to children, they have no idea about what is on the internet. They may access mature content or any other inappropriate website without letting parents know. Some service providers like Spectrum offer a security suite to prevent you from any cyberattacks and set parental controls. Moreover, spectrum Servicio al client 24 horas are available to serve you if you face any problem. 

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If you are not using any service provider that offers a security suite, you can install parental controls on your child’s device. These apps are designed to have peace of mind during your absence. Here are some of the best parental control apps to give your kid a safe place to explore the world without accessing any inappropriate content.

Find My Kids

Find My Kids has a unique place when it comes to parental control apps. You can keep track of your kid’s location and take a look at where they go, and where they have been. The best thing about Find My Kids is that it is user-friendly and simple to use. As soon as you open the app, you can track your kid’s location. 

Other features include getting notifications when your child’s phone is not working or facing issues while sending location. With this app, you can also monitor a child’s battery, security controls, and family chat. The app is affordable, for which you have to pay only $25.99 once, which can be used on three devices.


Safe Lagoon

Safe Lagoon is another best parental control app that monitors and protects your kids online. Apart from watching their activities, you can also manage screen time to prevent them from inappropriate content and online bullies. 


In addition, the app also offers a solution to monitor chats from your phone. Unlike call blocker and SMS tracker apps, Safe Lagoon offers more than what you need in a child’s phone for protection.

Google Family Link

Google Family Link is another great parental app from Google. If you are worried about your kid’s activities online, the Family Link app will take care of everything to give you peace of mind through your device. 

Screen time is the most prevailing issue faced by most kids. But not anymore as Google Family Link assists your child in making healthy choices about what they do online. Monitor how much time do they spend on each app and block them from accessing aggressively. In addition, it can also let you know what apps are good for your child. The app shows teacher-recommended apps so, that you can install them on kids’ devices without worrying. 

Safe Family

Safe Family, an app from McAfee allows you to check history about app usage, system alert history, and location details. Safe Family makes it easier for you to block apps from specific categories to prevent your kids from accessing them. 

Block any individual app on your kid’s phone and set a daily time limit to reduce screen time. To protect your child from accessing certain locations, you can use the geo-fence feature to be notified about where they arrived and when they left. Also, you can view the live map to know about their real-time location.

5 Parental Apps for Child’s Security and Limiting Screen Time


Kidslox is one of the best screen time trackers and parental control apps. If you are worried about your kid’s screen time, you can install Kidslox, monitor app usage, and block apps. The app contains a wide variety of tools to regulate screen time and monitor kids’ and teens’ phones. 

With Kidslox you can easily lock your kid’s phone with a touch of a button whether you are on an Android or iOS device. Set a schedule to keep your kids organized especially before going to bed. You can also award extra screen time when they have completed their homework or other important tasks.

Summing Up

The Digital era demands everyone to stay connected, but not at the cost of health. If you want to keep your kids secure from inappropriate content and cyberbullies, make sure to try all of the aforementioned apps to get control of their screens and phones.

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