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Fear the Walking Dead‘s fifth season will be turned out to be divisive among viewers, but anyone who was be turned off might want to be considered will be returning for season 6. The latest episodes, they helped by an anthology format that is being used to great effect, are bolder. more focused, and aim to be paying off the events of last season as each of the individual characters must reckon with the consequences while they adapting to being under Virginia’s harsh rule.

Season 5 was all about the character to a place for the kind of pull them down, and we wanted to strive for hope and strive to build a world that could believe in. A world that they through could be better than the apocalypse that we always see.

Scott M. Gimple, Chief Content Officer for The Walking Dead Universe, made the announcement that the show would have being return for a sixth season in 2020. The news comes ahead of the midseason finale of season 5 which air Sunday at 9/8c.

That Panel also gave a first look at the second half f season 5, which will see the survivors struggling to bring a carry on with everyday life in a world fraught with danger at every corner. They will continue in their mission to do good when the odds are being constantly stacked against them? In a new group moves in against the survivors, will their commitments to help others told strongly in the face of open hostility?


Full Spoilers of The Walking Dead Season 6 finale “Last Day on Earth” from here on out (as we as some light speculation on season 7), but if you’re anything like us, then the choice to hide Negan’s Finale victim felt more than a little manipulative, they considering a season of questionable Walking Dead cop-outs. Both Gimple and Kirkman understandably dropped Talking Dead to explain the big twist, which will be sawed Negan beating at least someone to death as a message to Rick group.