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Exos member Baekhyun surprises fans with a gorgeous teaser image for his upcoming second solo album. On the eve of his birthday, may 6 Baekhyun official website updated fans with a dreamy blue teaser photo for the Korean singer which officially signals the start of his comeback.

According to reports, Bsekhyuns second mini-album will be titled ” delight ” and will be released this coming May 25. It will contain 7 songs and will be released at 6 pm. Fans who’d like to pre-order the album may do so starting today, May 6.

To celebrate the momentous occasion, fans are celebrating the k- pop stars birthday with the #happybaekhyunday which is currently one of the top trending topics on philippine twitter. Last night, Baekhyun even went live on k- pop streaming site Clive to thank fans for all the support he’s received since his debut in 2012. In the live session, he answered a few questions from his fans called exo-ls. When ins viewer asked if he’d met up with any of the Exo members, he answered “a week ago, all the members met together, we had fun hanging out at chanyeol’s studio.

He also revealed that he’d like to challenge himself to eat alone, mentioning, I want to eat alone at a famous restaurant or a place with a lot of people. I wonder if anyone would recognize me. Here are some of the fan’s reactions to the wonderful news.

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