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If you find yourself in tears watching the visual for Alicia Keys’ new song, know that the singer had the same reaction the first time she saw it. The 15-time Grammy winner debuted “Good Job” during CNN’s global town hall Thursday to address the latest questions and concerns in the fight against Covid-19.

The tune was originally written months ago to honor the unsung heroes in Keys’ own life, she told CNN in a conversation before the broadcast. It has always been such a personal song and such a poignant song,” she said. “And every time I play it, I want to cry because I’m thinking of my mother, I’m thinking of my grandmother, I’m thinking of friends of mine who can’t make ends meet.”

But as the pandemic swept the world, it occurred to Keys that the lyrics could also serve as a tribute to the health care professionals, front line workers, parents, teachers, and everyone else who has stepped up during this unprecedented time.

The visual features Keys at her piano singing interspersed with footage of people, masked, going about life in what has become a new normal. “You’re doing a good job/Don’t get too down/The world needs you now/Know that you matter, matter, matter, yeah…” she sings.

Keys has partnered with CNN to use the song as the theme for a new CNN Heroes campaign in celebration of the ordinary people who’ve emerged as heroes during the Covid-19 crisis.

Beginning Friday, viewers, and visitors to CNN platforms will be invited to share pictures and videos of people from their communities who are doing their part to make the world a better, safer, and healthier place.

“Alicia Keys and the lyrics of ‘Good Job’ are sending a much-needed message of gratitude to the front line and essential workers of this crisis,” said Whit Friese, CNN vice president and group creative director of creative marketing. “It’s been nothing short of an honor for our team to collaborate with such an incredible talent on a project as meaningful as this.”

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