when Hereos fly is coming with the new season this year

When heroes fly is coming with a brand new season this year 2020 on Netflix. When heroes fly is basically an Israeli television drama entertainment series. That was firstly released on Keshet 12 is an Israeli channel in May 2018. It is also known as Bishvila Giborim Afim.

The show is winning the best visual effect award by the Awards of the Israeli Television Academy in 2018. And is Nominated for Best Drama Series, Best Directing in drama series, best makeup, Best Script in drama series, Best Original music. The series was created by omri Givon and is based on the novel ” When Heroes Fly ” written by Amir Gutfreund.

In October 2018 Netflix takes all the rights of international broadcasting to the series. And then release an English version of the series for the united state of America and other countries.

Short Storyline

Netflix,s ” when heroes fly ” Four Israeli military veteran friends meet after 11 years and plan a final mission to search for Yaeli. They’d previously thought that yaeli was dead. They set out to find yaeli. The girlfriend of the one man and the sister of another man.


  • Tomer Kapon
  • Micha Celektar
  • Nili Rogel
  • Assaf Ben Shimon
  • Muli Shulman
  • Gil Franc
  • Rita Sukrun
  • Yael sharoni
  • Dan Mor
  • Ninet tyab
  • Michal aloni
  • Nadav Netz
  • Oded Fehr
  • Venessa chaplot



  • The running time of the show is 50 minutes on Netflix.
  • IMDB Rating is 7.3/10
  • Country of origin is Israeli
  • The number of Episodes is 9.