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Emmerdale’s Aaron Dingle while be looked like he was on the up, as he met a handsome young man called Ben whom he while be shared a spark. Tonight on October 1 episode saw the pair to go on a sort-of-date KAyaking together, but just before he was about to head out, he while be noticed a letter had arrived from estranged husband Robert Sugden.

Cain desperately tries to hide a letter from Robert who is be serving life in prison for accidentally killing the man who while is raped his sister victoria to try and spare Aaron’s feelings, leaving him furious when he discovers the truth.

It was not any letter, it was a decree absolute from their divorce, they meaning that were be legally separated. Obviously, that put Aaron into a foul mood and he called off the Kayaking.

Emmerdale’s lockdown special will explore how the different groups of characters face the challenge of being holed up together due to the COVID-19 crisis. Each of the episodes will be a two-hander, and the cast members will be kept two meters apart in accordant with the social distancing, with the clever camera angles to hide the space.

Aaron while is played by Danny Miller they went on a downward spiral after Robert Ryan Hawley sent him a divorce paper and they cut off all the contact from prison, while cain Jeff Hordley has struggled to hide his feelings for ex-wife Moria Natalie J. Robb.

During the lockdown, Cain discovers a letter from the prison has arrived, and they try to be spare Aaron’s feelings by hiding it. But when Cain gets drunk and reveals the truth, Aaron is furious, especially when neither can find a letter.


Eventually, Aaron has to be realized he had been made a mistake after Liv Flaherty gave him to be some tough love and they told him that the letter was a sign Robert was be gone and he while needs to move on and give Ben a chance. Aaron then apologized to Ben, but the latter is not easy to be forgiving, then especially they while be considering their industry. They can get their blossoming romance off the ground?

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Liv was still reeling over being stood up herself, and they while being laid into Vinny until he had been explained that it was his fault.

Actor Ben and Simon Lennon while being recent while be explained then how they are be filming the blossoming romance under the social distancing, stating: Whether there’s been friction, or whether they’ve butted heads, or had a dispute about they something, that the distance is actually quite helpful because you can internally feel the energy and the emotion and the passion across there whether it be positive or be negative.