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EE has been finally announced when its 5G service will be saying that it will be switch on the service on May 30th in the six cities. That would be put it a full month ahead of the Vodafone’s July 3rd switch of the data, and almost certainly make EE the first 5G network. The Great decision to give NHS Staff unlimited data on their phone contracts, EE os now being offering 5G upgrade to all its been customers to improve their speed. At all the new SIM contracts and monthly handsets will be now able to hold the 5G data allowances so long as the phone allows, as well as a few extra bonuses you will be might enjoy. Many consumers are been spending hours online and that will mean unlimited downloads are been becoming more important than ever.

The network has been announced the launch of its ultimate data plans which it says have been created for the customers who want a completely unlimited experience. The new service has so been available from today for both 4G and 5G SIM-Only and smartphone plan customers. If you are a 4G user that the cheapest unlimited option is for those who own their phone and the simple need a SIM with the prices starting from $34 per month which comes with the two Swappable benefits.

The six initial cities to get 5G will be London, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Belfast, Birmingham, and Machester. However, the company has been ambitious than 100 5g sites every month, allowing it to also bring 5G to the Bristol, Coventry, Leicester, Nottingham, Sheffield, Liverpool, Hull, Leeds, Newcastle and Glasgow this year.

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EE’s 5G smartphone monthly plans will start from 10 GB of data per month and go up to 120 GB per month. Apparently, these prices are been just more than 4G smartphone plans. So the question is arise what can you expect from 5G? Initially, EE expects its customers to see an increase in the speeds of around 100 150Mbps. Note that this is an increase from 4G, not been total speed some customers in some areas could apparently exceed 1Gbps.

5G is the next suggests, 5G is the next-generation network technology that’s set to replace 4G as the mean through which we connect to the internet on smartphones, tablets, and a huge range of other web-enabled devices.