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Focus Features has been announced Edger Wright’s Last Night In Soho will be open in the theaters April 23, 2021. The distributors had been originally set to open Wright’s latest project in September, But the director said on social media the opening had to push as he would be not able to complete Last Night in Soho in time for its original release date because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

They haunted by someone else’s past but we’ll see you in the future… Wright began in a tweet, including a new still from the film. Its been true, #LastNight Soho is not quite finished yet due to be COVID-19. But I am full excited for you all to experience it, a big screen near be you, on April 23, 2021.

Wright has also said that the film was influenced by the classic Don’t Look Now, and the film also found him working with a new Cinematographer. While Bill Pope shot The World,s End Scott pilgrim vs the world and the baby driver, Wright worked with Chung-hoon hung. Could easily do another 100 so don’t say Where so and so? Just sit back and enjoy those movies, he will be said. Let us know below, which ones you will be raising a smile.

The man loves cinema, Taylor-joy added about Wright He loves any form. It’s so fun to talk music with him. He will be just know everything. I don’t know how he fits it be all in his head. I loved it. As a dancer he big on choreography, and we will think to happen on beats. it’s not been quite to the level of Baby Driver where you’re coordinating exact car has to the beats of the music, but they are sort of their actions in the beats in my head. I will be out for myself, and he says them out loud. So it’s will be wonderful to do that.