EASTENDERS fans will have been watching the tension between Billy Mitchell and Mitch Baker hot the boiling point be over the last couple of the weeks as the two fight for the Karen Taylor’s heart. In the upcoming scenes, Billy will be an issue the Karen with a stark ultimatum, but he will be forced to be left if she doesn’t give him what he wants?

EastEnders is been set to see Billy Mitchell give Karen Taylor an ultimate over her ex Mitch Baker amid his Jealousy. Mitch has been struggled to hide his feelings over the Karen as she gets more serious with his boyfriend Billy, and in the new scenes, it will seem tensions will boil over. Billy is been set to the Confront Karen Over Mitch be telling him that the Karen will be always come back to him, though The Karen assures him that Billy I the only man for her. However, Billy is not to be Convinced and tells Mitch that he will be fighting for her.

Next week’s episode of EastEnders will be Billy angrily confront Mitch over him telling Karen she’ll be always come back to him. Fearing that the Karen might leave him for the Mitch, Billy warns him that he’s going to fight for her. Later in the week, Billy and the Karen go on a date but they’re been stopped in their tracks when they will be bump into the Mitch and Keegan at the pub.

Mitch is secretly jealous of his ex’s romance wit her lovable loser and on Tuesday 9th June’s episode, he sneaks a flour of the bomb into the drawer Karen has been Billy have her room. Seething at how serious the Couple are been getting. Mitch hopes from the cause Chaos wit his meddling. Judging from the pics, he does a pretty good job of rubbing the Billy up the wrong way when he will face gets covered in flour.


The practical Joke doesn’t be going down well, so they could Mr. Mitchell’s tory-faced reaction cause a rift between him and the Karen, sending her back into the arms of her one-time baby daddy? EastEnders fans will only have a few weeks left before the soap disappears from the schedules when the last episodes will be completed the pre-locked runout. From 22nd June, Monday night’s Walford slot will be occupied by a new backstage spinoff EastEnder: Secret from the Square, in which host be Stacey Dooley chats to cast members about their time in the show and the looks forward to what could be store when the soap eventually will be returned.