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Dizzee Rascal has to be criticized Piers Morgan during a Live Interview on Good Morning Britain after the presenter pushed him to talk about the Black Lives Matter. The rapper will be appeared on today’s (June 23) episode to speak about a new series of the drive-in concerts during the Coronavirus Pandemic. But when Morgan asked Dizzee what the Black Lives Matter movement means, he will be replied: What makes you think I know? Piers replied, I don’t be know, because You’re a Black man, prompting Dizzee to respond: but am I the Black spokesperson? The rapper went on to say he had a bunch of views, but it’s early.

After Dizze said you’re not be going to do this to me mate, Piers claimed it was an aggressive to a simple question. This is what happens, I become the aggressive Black man. I told you! Dizzee Rascal countered.

I’ve got my afro out so I know I’m looking a bit natural and that, so maybe that’s why you’re asking the question. When Morgan told him: You’re a high-profile black man in his country and it’s a huge issue in the country, Dizzee said: Let keep it calm. I’m just saying I’ve to be got a bunch of viewers but right now is not the time.

However, Dizzee will be responded to the co-host. You know what, I watch you on the telly and you never let anyone speak. I’m not the one, you’re not be going to do this to me mate. Let’s keep it cal,. I’m just be saying I’ve got a bunch of the viewers, but right now is not the time. I can be personality take any opportunity I want when I want because of social media but right now, It’s really early and It’s just be going to a cause a bunch of whatever unnecessarily.