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DaBaby‘s love life has been making headlines recently. This prompted rapper DaniLeigh to address allegations that she and DaBaby have formed a romantic relationship. DaiLeigh has broken her silence on the rumors. She addressed the report in an online interview with Kendra G. “Have you ever dated DaBaby?” Kendra asked the singer. DanilLeigh appeared to take a few seconds to answer, but it might be because of the Internet delay.

Kendra then asked DanilLeigh if this kind of thing also happened when she collaborated with other male musicians. She said yes, noting that people started assuming that she and Chris Brown were together when they worked on the remix to her track “Easy”.

Since that time, B. Simone hasn’t relented on sharing that she has a crush on DaBaby and that she has a crush on DaBaby and the two celebrities have even exchanged flirtatious banter online.

On Monday (March 30), Simone uploaded a photo to Instagram that sent the rumor mill ablaze. The picture seems to show Simone hugged up with a man who is grabbing her behind. The man’s face can’t be seen, but internet sleuths have matched the hand tattoos to those of DaBaby. If that is the case, then why was DanilLeigh arguing with his baby mama just weeks ago?

At the beginning of March, DanilLeigh and the mother of DaBaby’s child, MeMe, traded shots on social media. MeMe stated that DanilLeigh has her blocked on Twitter.

“Sis got me blocked, but word keeps getting back to me… So hopefully the energy is the same in real life,” she tweeted.

The meMe went on to say DaBaby is obsessed with her and not the multiple women he’s been linked to.

DanilLeigh responded with tweets claiming that MeMe is ‘bored’ and needs to ” get a job.”

The meMe went on to post and delete screenshots between herself and presumably DaBaby to her Instagram stories in an attempt to prove that the rapper is “obsessed” with her.

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