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A 97 years old US Navy Veteran isn’t letting The coronavirus lockdown stop him from sharing his love of dancing with the world quite the opposite in fact. Chuck Franzke, firm Wisconsin has managed to spread joy to millions with his smooth moves, after a video of him boogying to Justin Timberlake’s upbeat hit can’t stop the feeling outside of his home.

The social distance dance has earned millions of views online – and Chuck has even received a shoutout from Justin himself, who happily commented on Instagram that the video has made his day.


In Ohio, which was filmed outside of the Waukesha home chuck shares with his wife Beverly, sees Chuck strutting out of the front door while proudly wearing a US Navy Cal, a blue polo shirt, jeans, and a pair of compression socks.

He then proceeds to start bopping back and forth to the funky beat of the music, swinging, his arms in time with the rhythm, and even kicking his feet from side to side as the dance continues. At the end of one version of the video, chuck even salutes his audience at the end of the dance by removing his hat and waving it to those watching.

What was no doubt unknown to him at the time was just how many people would get the chance to enjoy his delightful dance after it was posted on social media, where 1.1 million views and a slew of positive feedback from overjoyed viewers.

The video was first tweeted by the stars and stripes Honor flight account, which has previously featured clips of chunk dancing around in his home at Christmastime.

Once posted, the video began gaining traction quickly with dozens of Twitter users re-sharing it – while mang others replied to the clips to praise chuck and his positive attitude.

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