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CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin said that she has tested positive to coronavirus. She posted on Instagram on Friday that She is OK, but that She came down with “chills, aches, fever” on Thursday.

Baldwin said she had been following all the proper precautions. She explained that she has been social distancing and “doing ALL the things we’re being to do.”

“Still _ it got me,” she said, noting she is healthy with no underlying conditions.


Brooke Baldwin anchors CNN Newsroom from 2 PM ET to 4 PM ET weekdays. Anderson Cooper anchored at 2 PM hour on Friday, and Jake Tapper helmed at 3 PM, while Baldwin wrote she counted herself as “one of the lucky ones” and that she looked forward to being back on television “real soon.”

Earlier this week, one of her colleagues, Chris Cuomo, announced that he had tested positive, but he has continued to anchor Cuomo Prime Time from the basement of his home.

Brooke Baldwin added in her note, “I’m healthy… no underlying conditions… Honestly, I feel like one of the lucky ones.”

“And shout out to the doctors and nurses who are doing the real work right now,” Baldwin concluded in her Instagram note, adding that she was sending love to them.

A number of news personalities have begun anchoring from their homes, including those who are doing so because of some exposure to the virus or out of a sense of precaution. Good Morning America Co-anchor George Stephanopoulos has been doing the show from his home, where his wife Ali Wentworth is recovering after contracting the virus.

On Thursday, Baldwin interviewed Laura Garaboni, a passenger on the cruise ship Rotterdam who has been among the hundreds stranded off the Florida coast as officials try to determine what to do. Baldwin had been anchoring from CNN’s New York headquarters in a flash studio, in which she is all by herself. The network has for weeks limited the number of in-office employees.

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