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The best game adaption Castlevania is the best anime in the current collection. The three sequel series Castlevania is going to release it’s another season with an all-new thrill and it’s a fantastic story. The fans of the Castlevania can not simply wait for another season. So here, we are come up with all the exciting information regarding season 4 that you should get to know as a real fan of Castlevania.

The writer of the Castlevania: Warren Ellis recently tweeted about the season four and stated that -” extra special thanks to all people who have been tweeting it’s been 84 years at me since 2018, who are now tweeting but what about season four “. So it’s the best news for the fans of the Castlevania.

Seasom three is ended in a way that we can think that they can get the story to any mode. Our heroes and villians have to go through a lot . But there is a question which is left unsaid that what will happen with Alucard and what path he will choose now that he’s defining his way . So there is a chance that we will get an answer to this question in the next season .

Also, there is one more question, arises that what will happen between Trevor and Sypha. There is a dark twist with them that will be the best part of season 4 to get them out of that. We hope we will get the answer in the next season. Well, they have nothing declared about the releasing time of season 4. But still, we can say to wait for it till the second half of 2021.

There is also an exciting thing that the first season of Castlevania was released on Netflix on July 17 and precisely after a year, they have released the second season on the same day. While season 3 was released five days after the date of the second season.

Till today, they haven’t even talked about the trailer of season 4. We keep looking at the authorities to release the trailer. And I think they will release it soon.

So this is the all the thing about castlevania season 4 . To known more we keep updating you. Stay turned….

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