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The “lane Ranger” actor has been serving as a headline for media since he divorce with Amber Heard. Johnny Depp accused his now ex-wife of cheating on him Elon Musk. The recent picture of the two which are really intimate has stormed the media worldwide. These photos have already provided strength to the claim of cheating made by Depp. However, there is a case where the actor may have got stuck in his own lie.

The commencement of all these happened with the defamation suit that Depp claimed on the beautiful Aquaman actress over leaking data from the nondisclosure agreement that signed during there divorce.

The court has recently given agreement and it look likes things don’t seem so well for the lady. If we remember, heard’s lawyer claimed that Johnny ha physically abused her during an internal fight between them in 2015, Depp maintained that amber tried to cut his finger off his hand.

Just before the coronavirus outbreak, during one of the sessions of court, the document stated, Ms. Heard is not a victim of any abuse, instead, she is a perpetrator. Ms.Heard damaged the middle finger, almost completely cutting it off.

The bottle broke and scattered as it hit Mr. Depp’s hand. The piece of broken glasses severely impacted Mr. Deep’s finger. As a result, Mr. Depp had to surgically reattach his finger as “stated by his lawyer. However, in a recent text that was leaked saw Johnny chatting with his doctor “Thank you for everything. I chopped off my left middle finger as a sign of reminder that I should never cut my finger again !!! Love you, brother, Johnny ” after 12 days of the incident.

Well, there are too many levels and the case is becoming more and more complex. Stick with us to see how the family drama pan out.

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