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First of all, I would tell you about the Bordertown, it is a crime film which was created by Mikki Oikkonen and the first episode released on 16 October 2016. In which a gifted detective that takes a job in a small town so he can spend more time with his family is soon drawn into a network of disturbing murder cases.

The second season of the series was renewed on 25 April 2017 and premiered on 7 October 2018. It’s Season 3 is set to premiere in December 2019. It totals complete 31 episodes of a total of 3 seasons. Earlier season 4 may be released.

Season 3 contains 10 episodes. Episode 1 released on 1 December 2019 and episode 10 released on 2 February 2020. In the second season, we see, Kari’s decision to move to the small town of Lappeenranta that sits on the border of Finland and Russia. But what Kari thought would be a quiet, family life in a small town, turns out to be much more complex than he or his family ever thought.

As the special crime unit officer, he is teamed up with Lena Jaakkola. They start off on the wrong foot with great animosity towards each other, differing in their ways of solving crimes. If Kari is a genius and very unique crime-solving skills, Lena is a deadly agent of the Russian FSB unit. she has been a soldier and a hitwoman and poses a threat to Kari’s skills as a detective.

However, they both are great at solving crimes, only if they keep their enmity at bay. That is all happen in season 2 now in 3 seasons will see their professional partnership evolve and become more solid, while they continue to solve more gruesome crimes in the small Finnish town.

At the same time, as we had seen earlier, they will also need to deal with the challenges and struggles of their personal life. This season will also prove to be a significant one for Kari as he will be forced to rethink his decision of moving to Lappeenranta.

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