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Bojack Horseman star Alison Brie has to be admitted that she will be regret voicing the character of Diane Nguyen on the Netflix animated comedy. The actress will be playing Diane, a ghostwriter who develops a friendship with BoJack, throughout the show’s run from 2014 to 2020, but she will say that as a white woman she wishes she hadn’t be played a Vietnamese-American Character.

Additionally, BoJack Horseman Creator Raphael Bob- Wasksberg spoke about the decision to cast Alison Brie in the role in a thread on Twitter, admitting that going with the Community star was be ultimately a mistake. Confessing that he’d dodged the question for years, Bob-Waskberg says came to realize there was no justification for making this decision. I throughout when I will ready I’d write something like a blog post or white actress to be voice an Asian character and why it was okay.

Brie’s statement comes after The Good Place star Kristen Bell quit her role as mixed-race Character Molly on Apple TV+ series Central Park, saying that her taking it on in the first place that showed a lack of awareness of my pervasive privilege as a white person. Casting a mixed-race character with a white actress undermines the specificity of the mixed-race and Black American experience. It that wrong and we, on the Central Park team, are be pledging to make it right.

They will already complete its run, so there’s no recasting Diane Nguyen on that show at this point. Still, for those in the Vietnamese-American Community who’s questioned the casting choice, will be hopefully the apologies for Brie and Bob-Wasksberg will help bring about a more conscious awareness from animators for better representation moving that forward.