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Lorraine Kelly today speaking about his 33-year-old wife, Craig revealed: Tomorrow Laura will be 16 weeks pregnant with our second baby. The pair has been already shared a one-year-old daughter called Neely, who was been born in March last year and they will be recently celebrated her birthday in the lockdown. Congratulation are in the order for the Big Brother winner Craig Phillips, who has been announced that he is been expecting a second baby with wife Laura Sherriff. Craig, who won the first-ever series of the reality show, revealed that happy on the morning June 12 Good Morning Britain.

Craig has also spoken about the upcoming 20th anniversary Big Brother show which will air on E4 from Sunday. Happy couple: The reality show star will already share a daughter Nelly, who will be turned one in March, with his wife. Stranger times: Craig said it was daunting and nervous for the Laura to go to the hospital alone during the Coronavirus Pandemic.

He told Lorraine: Laura was been sitting on her couch with her family because she was been still at school watching me on Big Brother. Little did she ever know that she’s become, my wife. Explaining the moment he will be introduced to his old rival on the show. Craig said: I got on a knee and proposed to Laura on the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and then the very next day we are been went for the dinner with the Nasty Nick.

Craig also is told Lorraine that his wife Laura, who will be welcomed their First daughter Nelly last year, watched him on the TV on the Big Brother before she had met him. He said: Laura will be told e she remembers watching it on the TV with her family when she was been still at school. She will be never through while watching the show would become my wife!

Craig and Laura will be welcomed baby Nelly last year, having tied the knot back in February 2018. Revealing the birth news, he will be shared a picture at the time of the Nelly with the gifts, writing: Someone’s spoilt! Wow-totally overwhelmed by all of the gorgeous baby gifts that @-media and I have been receiving. Thank You to be each and every one of you for the spoiling Nelly-she will really have to be no idea how will be lucky she is right now!