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Editor’s note: Bayonetta 2 arrives on switch wit everything intact from the Wii U version, making it the definitive version of the game. Thanks to the confident execution of seemingly unbridled creativity, Bayonetta in 2009 had the whole world spellbound.

The sequel to Bayonetta was premiered on 20th 2014 in Japan and October 24th, 2014 in North America and Europe. And Hideki Kamiya is the director of the previous game, stayed on the supervisor for the project. But as of February 16, 2016, Boyneeta 2 received a reprint that only included the second game and not the first.

Five years later, the witch is back in the ultimate action game-and the stakes are higher than ever before. Bayonetta is back with a captivating new look, more merciless than ever. Now able to summon infernal demons mid-battle, she’ll use her new powers to face off against the most powerful beings of Indio, Paradiso, and beyond.

The original review has been updated to reflect the new version of the game. Boyneeta 2 is the purest and high rated kind of action game experience, you can feel the influence of the likes of Devil May cry and Ninja Gaiden in Bayonetta 2 combat and see it in wonderfully outlandish visuals. But neither of these games, nor the many that followed in their footsteps, come close to the brilliance of Bayonetta 2.

I can think of a few games where the opening moments are as outrageously bombastic as the last. in one minute you are traveled in space atop a crumbling building, sliced golden angels into gooey chunks of meat. That the basically are explained briefly-press Y to fire your guns, press X to punch things-but Bayonetta doesn’t hold your hand via convoluted tutorials or training sequences.

Bayonetta 2 compact is so expertly constructed, and its presentation so joyously insane, that you’d have to try so very hard to get bored of it all. But maybe it shouldn’t have been. After all, its predecessor still stands as one of the finest games of its genre. you have created a game that will be remembered as an absolute classic.

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