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Less than a week after the CW chairman and CEO MARK pedwitz announced during the networks scheduling call that a two hours pairing of ruby rose stares batwoman and new arrowverse family member superman and Lois was the work for the first half of 2021. Now with batwoman having wrapped up its first season this past Sunday. Series creator and showrunner Caroline dries revealed a few more bits of intel about the event during an interview with the international business Times. The first thing you need to know is that while the planning is still in its first week’s stage. Dries can reveal where exactly the crossover will take place. All’ I “ve done recently is just emailed it to Todd . and I said ‘ hey this is happening…I can’t take to be a metropolis and he’s like ” in Smallville.

Of course, that doesn’t mean there wasn’t already been some movement already. I have a little bit of research but they. Honestly, I didn’t when I’m picturing Batman on our show, I kind of just picture Christian Bale because I’m obsessed with the Christopher Nolan movies.

That’s ultimately the drama of the storyline when we come back, Of course, they want Bruce to be returned in their lives and so you kind of look past any kind of logic and it’s all replaced by hopefulness and happiness. It’s gonna take a minute for them to realize something is amiss. We obviously know about Batman and Superman’s relationship and Supergirl and Batwoman’s relationship. Batwoman’s season finale release Sunday at 8/7c on The CW and the entire season 1 is available to watch free on The CW app. Batwoman takes place three years after the mysterious disappearance of batman with the Gotham a city in despair.