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Another life, starring Katie Sackhoff and Selma Blair, has been renewed for season 2! The announcement was made back in 29th October 2019 in spite of the mixed reviews amongst the critics and aundience.

The science-fiction recovers around, the wife of a scientist named Erik Wallace since he fails to find a way to communicate with the aliens who have sent a UFO which has landed on Earth and has grown a crystal shell. She decides to take a spaceship names Salvate, in search of the intelligent life or the origin which might have sent the artifact.

Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, the production has been halted for the time being. Initially, the shooting for season 2 was scheduled for March 2020, and the place is Vancouver, Canada.

So the expectation is that the series would start airing sometime in 2021,as filming would take around 3-4 months, and the aesthetics, editing, and special effects may add few more months to it.

Another Season 2 Cast.

The original cast is planning to return for the second season as well which include:

Katee Sackoff, also being the Co-producer of the story is sure to return as Captain Niko for the second season.

To top it, she has also admitted that her expectation is that the series would at least have three seasons.

  1. Justin Chatwin as Erik Wallace
  2. Selma Blair as Harper Glass
  3. Samuel Anderson as William
  4. Blu Hunt will return as of August Catawnee

AJ Rivera will be back as the crew’s chef, Bernie Martinez

Jake Abel as Sasha Harrison and Alex Ozerov as Oliver Sokolov

Anothet Season 2 Plot

The last season the successful recovery of Zakir from the artifact ( the UFO shaped like a Mobius Strip) After the crew realizes that Achaia intension to make the human race into their slaves, what would they do about.

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