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When it comes to Netflix shows Tiger king is till no.1 but the most popular movie on Netflix is a 2019 action flick starring Gerard butler. ‘Angel has fallen‘ grabbed the fourth spot on the streaming services top 10 as of April 10, after the popular docuseries, the Jason Bateman series Ozark and the new sitcom the big show.

We are all looking for a little escapism right now, and the angle has fallen fits and bill. The movie, which also stars Morgan Freeman and Jada Pinkett Smith, was a modest success at the box office when it was released last summer, bringing in $ 147 million worldwide on a budget of $40 million. But for the audience stuck at home looking for some distraction, the movie – which landed on the streaming service April 4 – is just what they need.

” Big dump actions escapism fun ” tweeted one person. This movie is cheesy as sh*t hilariously awful script but overall entertaining ” read another twitter review.

Butler reprises his role as secret service agent Mike banning in the third film in the has fallen franchise, while freemen are back as Alan Trumbull, having now become president. In this installment, banning is framed after an assassination attempt on the commander – in – chief and must fight to prove his innocence.


If Angel has fallen leaves you wanting more Gerard butler movie, you’re in luck. You can also stream the first has fallen movie on Netflix. In 2013 Olympus has fallen, butler protects president Benjamin Asher when the White House is attacked by North Koreans.

Netflix has also had several other movies starring butler to stream, including the romantic comedy The ugly truth with Katherine Heigl and the action-comedy The Bounty Hunter, which co-stars Jennifer Aniston. You can also watch the 2016 drama A family man.

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