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Aj and Queen season is an American comedy web series that first premiered on the online streaming platform in January this year. The creators of the show are RuPaul and Michael Patrick who are extremely hard workers.

The show premiered with their blockbuster, first season and it concluded in January itself for the fans of the show. So, the fans of the show are now waiting for the second season when will it come out of many other more details.

The plot of the show is very much simple it is a journey about a woman through the club – to – club with her unusual sidekick AJ, a newly orphaned, hard-talking, a scrappy ten years old fugitive in the 90s. As these two women or the small girl move from city to city, the message of Ruby’s love and acceptance come to reach the people and change their lives for better.

So we have guessed and hoped that the second season of the show will be picking up the storyline from where the first season left. The time the fans of the show are really wanting something big and we hope that the creators of the show will be coming with some great new storyline.


AJ AND THE QUEEN SEASON 2 – For more than two years that was kind of kept secret from the people and the fans. The first episode was released this year in the month of January. But unfortunately, there is sad news for the fans of the show that the show will not be getting renewed for the second season. As the lead actress who is also the creator recently shared in her own twitter account that Netflix will not be coming or renewing with the second season of the show this is sad news for the fans. So the fans expecting that the second season will come soon.

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