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System Shock 3 is the upcoming Third Entry in the System Shock series And It is developed by OtherSide Entertainment And the game will be released on PC and other Platforms. It was officially confirmed through a Teaser site on December 8th, 2015 displaying a 5 Days countdown And each Day letters appeared to from the Phrase and She is back and the number 3. So the System Shock is an Upcoming Action Role Playing Game And It is published and developed by Night Dive Studios And this is the remake of the 1994 Video Game of the originally developed by Looking Glass Technologies.

And the Game is prepared to have a simultaneous release on Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, Playstation 4 and Xbox One in early 2020. And this Game is Single Player Mode.

system shock 3

System Shock 3 will be coming to PC at some point and but the release date remains a mystery still And It was only this February that rights for the game were back to the developers at Otherside and after publisher Starbreeze announced and It would no longer be involved with its release. And the company announced that It’s investing $12 Million in the project and currently in development at Otherside Entertainment. Starbreeze is one of several big names attached to the long-awaited System Shock Game narrative design veteran Warren Spector chief among them.


And this is the latest in the series of classic, Award-winning Games is in development under the direction of industry legend Warren Spector and a Dream Team behind such landmarks as the original System Shock. and According to the OtherSide Entertainment’s Warren Spector And the Game will pick up where System Shock 2 left off, with SHODAN surviving by downloading her consciousness into Rebecca Siddons and the post-credit scenes depicting that this happened will be considered fully canon.

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