Just over the year after being kidnapped by her ex-husband Doug and killing him in self-defense in a bloody battle at big Bear, Maddie found herself a hostage yet again on tonight episode of 9-1-1. Only this time Maddie was on her own turf, the 9-1-1 call center, and more prepared from the start to fight for her life. And luckily, it all worked out just fine thanks to that quick thinking she learned during her last very traumatic situation.

it’s funny because, in a year’s time, this will the second time that Maddie has been either held hostage or kidnapped or something like that, Hewitt told The wrap of Monday’s installment. The taking of dispatch 9-1-1 .” So at this moment, she’s at least learning from her experience and how to quickly get yourself in a power position and get help yourself. And that cool girl moment .”

We wanted to give her a strength that was different from the Big bear episode to show that there was growth and that somewhere in her gut she had a belief system this time that, you can save yourself and you don’t have to die, to give the audience something new to see in her” the 9-1-1 star said.

But Maddie would not have been able to keep her and her coworkers safe from their captors – who took the call center as a part of an elaborate heist to steal paintings from a museum – indefinitely, which is where chimney came in

. And it’s the ending to last week episode, which saw Maddie unable to say ” I love you ” to the chimney , and the opening of tonight, which had her say it for the first time ever over the phone, just as she was taken hostage and unable to alert him any other way.