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6IX9INE – Day after being released from prison early following fears of possible contracting the coronavirus, the 23-year-old rapper Instagram account appealed to troll the Los Angles mayor on a post about the city official ” offering rewards for snitching on Bussines violating The city stay at home orders.

“Comin to rescue” 6ix9ine responded, seemingly joking about his own snitching. As fans knew, 6ix9ine cooperated with the federal governments to get a reduced sentence after facing 47 years to life behind bars for a number of crimes.

6ix9ine social media return come just before his attorney Lance Lazzaro told TMZ that while his client has no restrictions regarding his use of social media, 69 probation officers will be monitoring everything Tekashi posts. He also told the outlet that 6ix9ine will not post anything inflammatory and will use his discretion and common sense when he uses social media.

On Thursday (April 2 ) ,a judge signed off on the rappers request to get out of jail due to 6ix9ine being at high risk of serious illness if he were to contact the coronavirus .

The FEFE rapper was granted a compassionate release from the new york facility where he was being held, meaning instead of serving the rest of his 2-year sentence behind bars, he’s doing it at home.

6ix9ine was sentenced to 24 months, but the judge took into accounts the 13 months he had already served while awaiting his sentencing. He was expected to be released In august.

While complex asked if 6ix9ine had any social media restriction, his attorney Dawn Floria said, ” so far, I haven’t seen any restrictions about him not being able to.go on social media, ” adding that, ” obviously it has to be in good taste.

Tekashi who was set to be released from prison on August 2, is now on a supervised release, TMZ reported.

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